martes, 9 de octubre de 2012

Veronica Romeo: Numbers

Tenemos nueva canción de Veronica Romeo en SoundCloud. Como prometió en su Facebook, nos enseña Numbers, una de las canciones nominadas a los Hollywood Music In Media Awards 2012

Veronica Romeo & Waymon Boone © 2011

If you could bring me flowers 
If you can buy a ring 
A kiss that lasts forever 
And lot of pretty things.

If you could know me better? 
And how to treat a girl 
If you could give me diamonds 
And trips around the world

cuz everything you see 
Is half as good as me 
Then you should know

I … I am gonna give you my number 
You’re gonna give me the sun 
Until I feel number one 
Until I have it all. 
I … I am gonna give you my number 
You’re gonna give me the stars 
And then I"ll give you my heart 
Then we can call it love.

if you can spend the money 
And take me to a club 
A lot of fancy dinners 
And fly me up above

If you can make a promise 
That I am your only one 
Then I'll take you to heaven 
And we can live as one.

cuz every one you see 
Has every eye on me 
Don’t let me go

There is something about you, I want more 
we can be one 
As we start to move on the dance floor

we burn the sun 
I want to know you more.

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